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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ReValuing Care Research Network?

We are a group of academics interested in connecting with activists, advocates, health and social care professionals, carers, and anyone else with an interest in ‘€˜care’€™, however understood. The research network is funded by the AHRC, and aims to provide physical and virtual spaces for people to connect over a shared interest in care. Your interest in care could be about pretty much any aspect of care -€“ child care, health care, social care, caring for the environment, animals, each other, whatever. If you have something to say about care, and would like to be involved, then join us!

2. How do I join?

To join, just fill in the membership form. Your form will be emailed to a member of the project team, who will add you to the network email list. We need this human step to prevent spam. Once you are a registered member, you will receive emails from the revaluing care list, and will be able to respond to invites to write for the blog. You will also be able to comment on blog posts.

4. How do I create a blog post?

To create new post, log in and go to the wordpress dashboard, and follow the ‘€˜posts’€™ link. Either type your post into the box on the form, or copy and paste from your word processing program. A little hint: if you are using MS Word, it is best to copy and paste into notepad before pasting into the site, because MSWord can mess up the way that posts look. Please remember to add your post to a category (but please don’t add additional categories), and to assign tags using the relevant boxes. If you’re still not sure, download the How to Blog On guide (pdf document).

5. What can I post on the blog?

Anything you like (within reason):€“ news, views, information about events. Please note that all blog posts will be moderated before they go live. Spam will be deleted.

6. Can I follow the network on twitter?

Yes! Our twitter ID is @revaluingcare follow us!

7. How can I find out how to use WordPress?

When you are logged in, click on the wordpress symbol at the top left of the screen. From there you can read all sorts of complex documentation. For the easy stuff, we recommend you just feel your way around!

8. I’m stuck! Can you help?

Yes, just drop us an email at and we’€™ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!