Legal experiments on the pathway to free, safe and legal abortion care?

As some of you will have seen, several Network members were involved in a project this past year, which culminated in the publication of draft abortion legislation for Ireland, see here and here. 10 academic lawyers acted as legal experts to a commission appointed by Labour Women to look into options for #Repealthe8th, repeal of the constitutional amendment which makes the right to life of the ‘unborn’ equal to the right to life of the pregnant woman in Ireland.  The draft legislation which we produced, under the leadership of Mairead Enright and Vicky Conway, is legally compliant with international human rights norms, but is not our ideal legislation.  Rather it was the result of the consultation process in which we were involved and was published as the results of a legal experiment, for others to repeat, modify, evaluate and criticise.  Labour Women did not accept this draft and went onto publish their own version, see here.

For other short comments on this process see here, here and here

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