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“Care” has been a mainstay of feminist research for the last three decades, with different approaches to care being ascendant at different times. The ReValuing Care Research Network is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop an international, interdisciplinary network of academics and related third sector professionals working together to research, interrogate  and contribute to contemporary and future conceptual and normative understandings of care.

The Network will providing physical and virtual spaces for scholars to interact, discuss and present their work as well as creating opportunities for open dialogue between academics, activists, advocates and others working in the third sector. The participants in the Network are drawn from a variety of different disciplinary backgrounds and will therefore draw on a multiplicity of conceptual approaches and methodological tools.

Members of the network include academics working on issues related to care from a variety of different sites, disciplines and contexts, including healthcare, childcare, eldercare, environmental issues, animal welfare and other related fields.

The network builds on academic connections initially developed through the AHRC-funded Research Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality (CentreLGS, funded 2004-2009), and will facilitate the strengthening of links between centre partner institutions, (Keele, Kent and Westminster) and the creation of new research collaborations with the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender at the University of Adelaide, alongside other new international and interdisciplinary academic collaborations that arise through the network activities. The Fay Gale Centre builds on interdisciplinary excellence in gender studies at the University of Adelaide to provide a focus for the development and uptake of new theoretical and methodological approaches relating to gender in society. In addition to these key partners in the network, we are keen to include anyone with an academic or professional interest in understanding care.

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